Solid Mobil Security Solution

Secure Your Office & House

Crystal-clear video at 1080p HD, 2K, or 4K Ultra HD resolution. Superior night vision with low light illumination

Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

Makes Home Safer Easy Installation and Portability Support Two-way audio and Real-Time Transmission. 355, 90 Degree Rotation, No Dead Angle

Light Bulb Security Camera + Wifi​

Allows you to record instantly when and where surveillance is required. With built-in motion detection, auto-tracking technology, infrared night vision and two way communication,


Turn Video Into Intelligence

See your property from a more secure perspective Like retailers, we take a business perspective on asset protection, combining advanced technology and qualified talent to achieve security that is as cost-effective as it is comprehensive. Monitor:

  • Loitering, the homeless, panhandlers, and transients
  • After-hours theft
  • Parking lot theft & Door break-in
  • Graffiti, property damage, and vandalism
  • Threats against employee, customer and visitor safety
  • Age Parents, babies and care givers

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